We supply custom-made cables, tremor sensors and other sensors, and electrodes for various applications:

  • EEG / ERG / EOG / GSR / EMG studies
  • Special electrodes (EEG) for sleep studies
  • Bio Feedback – Neuro Feedback
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Medical research
  • And much more

We have unique expertise in low-noise applications. MFI offers different versions of Tribo-cancelling cable and wire in different diameters. This application finds its way into high-end research into the smallest signals, where disturbances must be kept to a minimum.

Download here our Neurophysiology electrodes & accessories 2019 catalogue.


‘Industrial cables’ is a broad term with a ‘high-mix, low-volume’ character.
For MFI, this means that we make cables and composition (harnessing) that are used in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Crash test dummy cabling with high-end connectors (LEMO, Fisher, ODU, etc.)
  • AWG 40 cabling for internal microscope on flexible boards
  • Cable assembly for the horticultural industry with over-moulded, waterproof connectors
  • 3D character animation suits with internal wiring supplied by MFI
  • Burn-in cables for long-term testing of industrial measuring equipment
  • High-end audio cables for various exclusive target groups
  • And much more.

We take care of the precision mechanical assembly right through to the custom soldering work, entirely according to your specifications!
Being independent means we can also be independent in creating our products. We protect our clients: we ensure that your product and even the packaging can be printed and delivered entirely in line with your own corporate style.


Joining forces with our specialist partners, we are ready to find innovative solutions to your challenges. Whether selecting materials or building a prototype of a test cable or electrode – we love and believe in what we do!
Feel free to ask for more information.