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MFi BrainWave EEG Head cap + tremor sensor on the eye
MFi BrainWave EEG Head cap + tremor sensor on the eye
Medical Cables and Electrodes:


We design and manufacture caps, cables, tremor sensors and electrodes for:

  • EEG / ERG / EOG / GSR / EMG
  • Bio Feedback - Neuro Feedback
  • Relax therapy
  • Medical research
  • and many more....


Special are our DC stable sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes and Caps with our exclusive Low Noise cable, available in 0.6mm (0.024") and 1.2mm (0.047") diameter. The inside carbon coating reduces the noise caused by the Tribioelectric effect.


You'll find Low Noise cable in demanding products such as EEG/EMG electrodes & caps, used with High-end ambulatory EEG/EMG recorders.

Industrial cables:


Though our focus has been for many years on designing and assembling Medical cables and electrodes, manufacturing industrial cables for OEM customers was a logical consequence of existing activities.


MFi offers experience combined with the right materials and expertise to provide complete wire, cable and connecting solutions.