Logic gets you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere.


                                           - Albert Einstein -


MFi is specialized in offering B2B solutions with regards to the design, engineering and manufacturing of standard and customized cables & electrodes for Medical applications as well as electrical cables for industrial applications.


Both types of activities are performed in the role of legal manufacturer as also as supplier to other legal/OEM manufacturers in low and high volumes.     


We pride our selves on being a company that thinks “out of the box”. We apply a creative approach when participating in product development, providing engineering solutions for high-end products.


With our in-house engineering, design & molding facility we can quickly go from an idea on a napkin, to a first concept and final product.


Areas of experience include:            

  • Head Caps, electrodes, tremor sensors for EEG, EMG, Bio & Neuro feedback
  • Low Noise cable applications (EEG/EMG)
  • Sensor, control & data cables
  • Customized & fine wire assemblies (AWG42+)
  • In house mold design (soft & hard tool)
  • (over)molding cables, connectors & PCB
  • Packaging and (OEM) labeling